1D6 (or simply 1D) refers to a standard six-sided dice. Dice are used in pen & paper roleplaying games, and also in their computer equivalents, to introduce a factor of chance.

In The Dark Eye RPG one or more D6 are used to determine the Hit Points that a weapon can inflict. In Drakensang, six-sided dice are used in battles to calculate the Damage Points with melee weapons and spells.


  • 1D+1: take the result of one six-sided dice and add one to it (min 2 and max 7, average 4.5).
  • 2D: the result of 2 six-sided dice rolls (min 2 and max 12, average 7)


  • The damage in various places (most notably, the character sheet) is shown as 1W6 or 2W6 instead of 1D6 or 2D6. Presumably this is due to incomplete translation,as the German word for "Dice" is Würfel (see here). 1W6 and 1D6 is interchangeable.

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