DevoteeOfPraios PraiosSquare

Devotee of Praios

The Devotee of Praios holds a temple service at the Temple of Praios in Ferdok. He will answer the party's question about Gilborn of Punin and he will test the knowledge of the heroes on the subject of the Alvarian demigods of Praios.


Temple of Praios (at Ferdok, Praios Square)

Worth knowingEdit

  • The devotee will ask you 5 questions. For every correct answer you receive 8 AP, if you answer the questions correctly right away. The reward is reduced with each incorrect answer given. The answers can be obtained from the tablets on the walls in the left and right chambers of the temple.
  • The correct answers are:
1. "Yermoran" (1st answer)
2. "Urishar" (4th answer)
3. "Darador" (1st answer)
4. "Garafan" (2nd answer)
5. "Ucuri" (3rd answer)

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