Dwarf Triplet


The three Dwarf Triplets

The Dwarf Triplets Borlox, Ballash and Bugul can be found behind the Ducal Residence in the Ducal Citadel in Ferdok, where they try to persuade passers-by to a little game of chance. You can win the first game, but after that they cheat to win. It takes a high Human Nature value to uncover this.

Once their ruse is uncovered, the triplets can be found in Praios Square, but do not seem to be involved in any further quests.


Ferdok, Ducal Citadel

Ferdok, Praios Square


  • 5 AP for discovering that they are cheating (requires Human Nature TP > 10)
  • 15 AP and one Ducat for chasing off the triplets.

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