Ferdok, Ducal Citadel

The Ducal Citadel in Ferdok


Connected AreasEdit


Important NPCsEdit



Other NPCsEdit

Possible OpponentsEdit

Useable PlantsEdit

Worth knowingEdit

  • Behind the Ducal Residence you can find the Dwarf Triplets trying to persuade you to a game of chance. After your first winn, the dwarves try to cheat to win. If you have a Human Nature > 10, you can recognize this and earn 15 AP plus 5 AP for the test.
  • Pickpocketing people in Ducal Citadel results usually in better items and more money. If your gonna try to pickpocket here from people, i suggest saving and trying again if you fail. It's worth the money you find in Ducal Citadel.

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