Mercenary Humbold

Mercenary Humbold is an associate of Mercenary Gondwin. The first time you meet him, together with Gondwin, is in Avestrue, on the road from the Old Customs Tower into town. The two mercenaries are on their way to knight Traldar of the Silver Falls, who is just recruiting people to help fight the Orc threat on his lands. Humbold offers you a test fight between your heroes and the two of them, and he promises you his broadsword if you win. After the fight Humbold offers the heroes to accompany him to knight Traldar, which ofcourse you have to refuse.

Later you can find him on the road to Grimtooth Castle, where you need to keep some Orcs off his back.

Associated questsEdit

Available TalentsEdit

Available Special AbilitiesEdit

Pick PocketEdit

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