Old Mineshaft

There is an Old Mineshaft near Berry Lake in Avestrue. In it lives the bear that Hunter Owlstone wants killed. Further exploration also reveals, that Archmage Rakorium got lost here and needs some assistance finding his way back out.

Visited for QuestsEdit

Relevant NPCEdit

Possible OpponentsEdit

Connected AreasEdit

Worth knowingEdit

  • Just outside of the cave entrance there is crate containing a Pitch torch.
  • Four of the skeletons in the cave with the bear still have remains that can be scavenged.
  • Pick Pocket Rakorium before you talk to him, because later there is no more opportunity for this.
  • Behind Rakorium there is a small storage area and in the cave under him there is a chest with more Robber's emblems.
  • All in all there are four locked chests in the western section, two of which are trapped (increase +0). Also take care with the two traps in the doorways (+0 and +3).

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