Innkeeper Thalion in Avestrue is worried about the Hunter Owlstone, and asks the party of heroes to look him up. You can find the hunter close to his lodge in the northwestern part of the Dark Forest, fighting a wolf.

Relevant NPCsEdit

Quest log entriesEdit

  • Owlstone the Hunter
    • Thalion, the innkeeper at 'The Jagged Blade', has asked me to pay Owlstone the Hunter a visit in the Dark Forest.
    • The innkeeper at 'The Jagged Blade' asked me to pay Owlstone the Hunter a visit - when I found him he was battling a mighty wolf. I arrived just in time to rescue him.
      • Find Owlstone the Hunter
        • Owlstone the Hunter lives in the Dark Forest close to Avestrue.
        • I found Owlstone the Hunter at his hut in the Dark Forest.

Quest rewardEdit

  • 10 AP after you have helped the hunter in the battle with the wolf.

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