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Status Effects, or Active Effects:

Positive EffectsEdit

Icon Name Caused by
Status SummonCreature Summoned Creature Spells: Skeletarius, A Helpful Paw,
Summon Djinn, Elemental Minion,
Ecliptifactus Shadow Force
ImmunityToPoison Immunity to Poison Spell: Clarum Purum,
Object: Magic amulet
Status CombatValueBonus Combat Value Bonus Special Abilities: Windmill,
Defensive Combat I-III,
Wall of Blades, Master Parry
Spells: Move as the Lightning,
Ice Cold Warrior,
Hawkeye Marksmanship
Objects: Shield of the Cyclops,
Robe of Confusion
Status Potion Potion All potions - they can increase
attribute or healing effects
Status Fireproof Fireproof Objects: Iryan Armor,
Helm of the Cyclops
Status TalentBonus Talent Bonus Spells: Eye of Eagle, Ear of Lynx,
Elfenword Silkenspeech,
See True and Pure
Objects: Amulet of Rondra,
Spectacles of perception,
Finger blade,
Elven whittling knife,
Precision scales
Status Regeneration Regeneration Spells: Balm of Healing, Calm Body, Calm Spirit
Objects: Wound powder,
Large Healing Potion
Status ItemBonus Item Bonus equipping an item, weapon or armor
that confers a bonus
Status Light Light Spells: Light in the Darkness
Status ImmunityToKnockdown Immunity to knockdown Object: Armor of the Cyclops (torso)
Status AttributeIncrease Attribute Increase all attribute spells
Status ShieldAndProtection Shield and Protection Spells: Fastness of Body,
Duplicatus Double Vision,
Fandango of Fireflies,
Gardianum Magic Shield,
Psychic Focus

Negative EffectsEdit

Icon Name Caused by Healed by
Burning On fire, Burning Spells: Ignisphaero Fireball,
Ignifaxus Burst of Flame,
other: Fire spirits and other monsters
objects: Fire traps, magical traps, fire arrows
Immunity to Fire:
Iryan Armor,
Helm of the Cyclops
Status CombatValuePenalty Combat Value Penalty Spells: Iron Rust Rot,
Plumbumbarm Heavy Arm
Status Dying Dying Damage Time: wait until combat is over
Status Alcohol Drunk Ferdok pale ale,
Dark Dwarven ale,
Apple wine
Spells: Attribute Restoration
Status ShakyHands Shaky Hands fail Pick Locks test Time
Status SpellsInfluencingCombat Spells Influencing Combat Spells: Lightning Find You,
Horriphobus Phantasm
Spells: Attribute Restoration
Status Sleep Sleep Spell: Sleep of a Thousand Sheep Damage, Time
Status Paralysis Paralysis Spell: Paralysis Stiff as Stone Time
Status CriticalWound Critical Wound status after dying or dead Spell: Calm Body, Calm Spirit
Talent: Treat Wounds
Wound Wounded damage,
status after dying or dead
Talent: Treat Wounds,
Spell: Balm of Healing
Status Frost Cold Shock Spell: Corpofrigo Cold Shock Spell: Attribute Restoration
Poisoned Poisoned Monster attack,
Poison Arrow,
Poisoned trap
Talent: Treat Poisons,
Object:Magic amulet
Status RottenStink Rotten stink Spell: Tlaluc's Pestilential Breath,
Monster attack
Status KnockedDown Knocked down Enemy attack,
Monster attack
Status Unconscious Unconscious Enemy attack,
Monster attack

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