Wolf rat (portrait)


Wolf rat (icon)


Wolf rat

Unlike smaller species of rats, wolf rats will occasionally attack humans. They can be found both in the wilderness and in built-up areas.

Wolf rats can be found in cellars, dungeons and in the sewers. A single wolf rat is not very dangerous to unexperienced explorers, but be very careful when you are attacked by a whole pack of them!


  • Vitality: 12, 20, 60
  • Weapon: Rat Bite
  • Special Attack: Slight gangrene (poison) (CN Test)
    • VI 60 rats: 25% 2 wounds to beat
  • AP Reward: 1 (upto Level 1)
  • AP Reward: 1 (upto level 6?) for VI 20
  • AP Reward: 1 (upto level 7) for VI 60


Animal LoreEdit

(Difficulty Increase 0 for VI 12, 1 for VI 20, 2 for VI 60)


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